Sunday, May 30, 2010

here we go :)

I have been putting together a few tips and tricks sheets for use by anyone who wants some extra information on crocheting. While I've been trying to keep them short, sometimes there is a lot of information that begs to be covered and....well, I hope I haven't been rambling on in them. Note that much of this is comprised of my thoughts and ideas and what I felt was "needed to know." Some of it is readily available from the internet, or referenced with an url for directing traffic to those sites. It should be clear where that occurs. My "cheat sheets" won't encompass everything, and certainly I'm not an authority, so if you want to question any of it, I welcome the questions and comments. I'm sure I'll add more if and as necessary.

I know what I know from experience, training and teaching. Based on feedback from some crochet students, these are my information compilations. It is bound to be interesting with a few choice alphabets missing from my .... keyboard. Well well well...."k" is working now and I've revisited this entry to put it in where needed...but another isn't. Lets say I live in New ersey and you'll see what one of those alphabets is :). To shorten this entry, I'll end it here and state that I'll be posting the tips and tricks hereon. I'm only beginning to blog. *smile*

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