Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What to expect from our crochet lessons (knitting to follow)

My approach is to teach the fundamental skills, but let you personally decide where to take your craft, since your ideas may be completely different than mine project-wise, and that is where your desires come into play.

Together, we'll get you comfortable as you learn to manipulate the hook & yarn and engage your hand-eye coordination skills. After our session (or two if you want reinforcement) you will know how to tie a slip knot, chain, crochet in rows back and forth, crochet in rounds, the basic stitches (single, double, triple, slip) and tying off. Of course, there is more to learn in the future...but the above skills are the foundation on which you'll build and, with practice, you will be a confident crocheter.

While I'll suggest that you begin with a scarf, potholder, hat or such other (small, quick to stitch, starter-type) item, future projects are ultimately yours to decide, and that is when your skills expand--don't be afraid to challenge yourself. It isn't skydiving...no errors are fatal in crochet :) and we are always learning...even from our mistakes. Ask yourself "what interests me" ~ and let your personal style steer you in the direction of your passion. Utilize the internet, local library and book stores to find your inspiration.

My personal crafting philosophy is "it is as expensive as you make it be." As a beginner, I suggest purchasing the basic standards, like red heart yarn and susan bates tools -- which can easily and inexpensively be found at craft stores or Walmart. Thus, if knitting or crocheting don't appeal to you after you've learned (hard to fathom, I know) you're not stuck with expensive yarns/supplies that will gather dust or be given away at a loss. Also, if your first project turns out to be more of a practice piece than a work of art, it would be wasteful to have made it out of luxurious yarn on fancy hooks/needles! You have all the time in the world to pursue expensive yarns and gadgets--so don't bypass the basics, which can work out quite nicely and accommodate a tight budget.

(Note - you can get some great used hooks, needles and gadgets for budget prices on Ebay.)

While I don't "know it all" ~ I hope to be able to assist in learning (or improving) your skills and to pass on a love of crafting, which in turn fuels my yarny passions.


  1. Hi Donna,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and giving me the information about your pineapple doily! It is great to know that you have a doily that matches the pattern I used for my pineapple shawl. Even round doilies can be adapted for shawls. You just fold them in half when you are done. Pineapples are my all time favorite crochet design. Love of the pineapple design is why I learned to crochet in the first place!

  2. jocelyn and annielizabeth - thanks much for checking out my blog...this is very exciting for me at the moment. I have so much STUFF I want to share. :)