Saturday, July 3, 2010

crocheting - a thought or 2 on adapting flat back and forth crochet to in the round

I found what I thought to be a lovely wrap pattern in bulky yarn. I made it per the instructions, and the patterning of it was very pretty, but the drape of it (how the border of the "neckline" fell at the bottom-side of it) was disappointing. So, I showed it to a co-worker\friend of mine who is a fabulous crocheter and has designs published - and she agreed it was worked up properly, but noted that the pattern picture was shown basically from the back view, and where the "hang" in front was visible, it looked a little askew. . . and probably that was why the picture was taken from the back since from front it hung "a little wonky" as I would say. The wrap as written repeats a pattern of what could be called "motifs" or "medallions" for lack of a better description (I'll be sure to post a link to the original pattern is a link to it: and I did like like the visual effect of those repeats. As such, I decided to deconstruct the wrap and turn it into a poncho. This seems, for me, easier done in knitting when adapting flat to round and merely eliminating the seaming stitches - but I tried to do this, and I accomplished it. I used 5 repeats and created a poncho with 2 repeats in back, 1 in front and one at each arm. I'm sure I did it correctly, but the translation from straight back and forth crocheting to in the round crocheting lost a little something. I consulted with my friend again and she agreed that working it entirely in the round (with a distinct front and back - or "right" side and "wrong" side) would be responsible for a different drape as opposed to having turned the piece and gone from side to side after each round. Also in looking at it as I completed it in the round, I think it could benefit from at least 1 less chain in certain rows, so that is another "fix" I may implement. On the other hand, I may frog it and make something else (or take it to the yard and set it on fire if it continues to urk me). Either way, it is pretty, and some of my students were looking forward to making it when I put the tweaked pattern together in its final form.........perhaps I'll wait for inspiration. At the moment, other than making this little bloggette, I've been painting the walls and trim in our lovely little home...and my brain and body are oh so very tired.

So, if anyone is reading this post at all, if you've experienced turning side to side crochet into in the round crochet, I'd love to hear from you and how that worked out and if you've got any special "tweaking" tips you would like to share.

Thanks, Donna

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