Friday, July 23, 2010

"Gone Fishin' or "Don't bother me; I'm knitting" or "Currently on the needles...a top down dress for Barbie"

So much crocheting lately, I've been feeling the NEED to knit. Of course, I want something that will work up quick for that "instant gratification," which usually means doll knitting; specifically, Barbie knitting.

I searched my pattern stash for a vintage magazine bought on Ebay a few years back, because it was listed as having Barbara Walker Barbie patterns inside. (Like I could even resist that--the idea of owning this was heavenly.) The magazine includes a disappointingly short interview of Ms Walker, pictures 5 variations of (what is supposed to be) the same dress, and the accompanying pattern, singular, for said dress(es), which is more of an outline. Ms. Walker basically states that her instructions are intentionally suggestions, and your results will differ by your choice of needle size, yarn, stitch tension, the mood you're in, and the cycle of the moon. Okay, okay...ya know I exaggerated about that last bit, however, I don't really know how to feel (yet) about a pattern that affords its user so much leeway. Do I like it-do I not--not sure yet. Ms. Walker encourages you to change it "as you go," suggesting the use of circular needles and having the doll nearby to try it on and make changes as needed on the spot.

This pattern could be a beginner's nightmare...which is probably why I put it away and merely relished the fact that I owned the magazine. Now, I am ready for this challenge. I don't know exactly how it is going to turn out until it is finished. It is ambitious, including double increases, raglan shaping, and short rows, and is "miniature." With the small scale, however, there is only a little to rip back if necessary (as opposed to something "people sized"), and you start again :).

Decision 1. Make no individual decisions\changes. By eliminating changing it at whim, I hope to end up with a basic prototype BarbWalker Dress 1.01. From that vantage point, I can see what might "ask for tweaking" if there is ever a BWD1.02.

Decision 2. Stick with one color, Bernat Sox, probably pink. A good idea, methinks.

Decision 3. Straight dpns, size 2, no "fittings as I go." Decision 4. Knee length hemline.

I hope to post some pictures as it progresses, and I'm getting ready to post Part 2 on Knitting for Fashion Dolls soon.

Yarny hugs to all, D

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