Sunday, November 21, 2010

How to crochet - 2 sites providing good tutorials/directions

Lion Brand yarn's website provides a comprehensive and complete tutorial and here is the link to cut/paste into your browser:

Once on the page, towards the bottom center where it reads "Learn to Crochet: Before you Start" there is a link below to the left where one can download ALL of the directions (rather than view online page after page). This is what I suggest.

I contacted Lion Brand asking permission to reprint and utilize its instructions for teaching, and the response was "ABSOLUTELY, yes" - so long as I left the Lion Brand copyright on the papers -- which is what I do. Another good thing about its site is the variety of patterns for all categories and experience levels - AND - Lion Brand doesn't mind if you plan to sell what you make using their patterns. Over all, good website with lots of useful stuff.

Another good learning site is: This takes you to the instructions base, which are pdf downloads. There, one can even find instructions for left handed crocheters.

Happy learning to you all.


  1. Hi, this is Jess from Lion Brand. I just wanted to leave you a comment thanking you for your kind words! We love teaching others to crochet, and we think it's fantastic that you're sharing your gift with others.

    With warm regards,
    Jess H.
    Lion Brand Yarn

  2. Oh hey there Jess. WOW, I am flattered you stopped by and left a note. How did you find this little blog...and how cool is it that you did~!?! Lion Brand cares about its customers and puts out good products and information...and that is super important! Hopefully you looked around my itsy bitsy blog and found some useful tips and information. Thanks again, Donna